Christian Louboutin

So I realized even if its summer . . . That does not mean we are going to get summer weather. Went to another wedding this weekend up in Temecula and it was beyond beautiful. They had to be the cutest couple I know.

I can not believe my sister let me wear her christian louboutin Shoes. 

Hope you guys all had a good memorial day or at least a good weekend :)


Katherine said...

i LOVE those shoes - the Maggies! Gorgeous, you have the sweetest sister! Just followed your lovely blog :)

Megan said...

Well thank you Katherine :D

Kyle DuBois said...

You have an AMAZING ability to photography yourself. What a cool skill to have. You also dress really well without overcomplicating the look. Thumbs up!

Megan said...

It took a lot of practice :)
Thank you so much.

louboutin said...

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