School has taken hold of my life once again.

I'm just going to apologize in advance. Since this semester I decided to take school seriously I probably won't be updating my outfits as much. I'll try to as much as I can though. Don't worry I won't forget you guys. I will still keep you guys updated on everything. So hows everyone on these hot days? East Coast people hope you guys are all doing well. We wish you guys the best of luck and that you guys will all come out safe. 




I updated my Etsy account.

I added a couple of shorts. Let me know what you guys think.


Guys, don't worry. I didn't forget about you guys.

Guys have you gone school shopping yet? Well here are some must have essentials that can be used for a lot of different mix and matches. 






Last minute back to school shopping.

Girls have you gone back to school shopping yet? Well here are a few essentials that you guys should have. Hope you guys all enjoy your last couple of days left of summer.