most used word of 2009

"twitter" the most used word of 2009??


we want!

Burberry Check Sweater

item: Burberry Check Sweater
price: $550 at saks

Seychelles Scallop Heel

item: Seychelles Scallop Heel
Price: $98 at urban outfitters

Metallic Petals Shoulder Dress

item: Metallic Petals Shoulder Dress
price: $24.80 at forever 21

look what we found at target

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Fab in red and blue

simple but cute

item: Military Hooded Zip Jacket
price: $22.80 at forever 21


Foo Foo Photography

foo foo photography
checkout my updated photo blog <3
love you and happy shopping



Happy Thanksgiving everyone. What are you guys all thankful for? Well we all know what we are really excited about. Black Friday!!! Shopping galore. From a source Ontario Mills is opening at midnight and Target is opening at 5. Get ready to shop everyone.


Black Friday

If you love Target as much as we do, you will be excited to hear that they will be open at 5:00am on Black Friday.


New Favorite Artist

"Satellite Heart" - Anya Marina

I want this.

Item: I am hello kitty hoodie

Price: $46 at Hot Topic


Yay New Moon!

Friday's opening of New Moon earned $72.7 million dollars at the box office, making it the film with the highest grossing single day sales ever!!!

added to the shoe collection

are these hot or what?

Item: Valentino T-Strap Bow Pump
Price: $795 at Neiman Marcus

Can't wait for the Rock album which will be released 12.21.09


Not A Disappointment

So the movie was such a success. It wasn't a disappointment at all. I am actually surprised how they made it turn out just like the book. Even though they skipped a lot of stuff and that was very fast pace. We still loved it. Team Edward all the way. Can't wait for Eclipse to come out.

Whoever hasn't watched New Moon yet, You are missing out!!

Felt 3 is finally here!

FELT 3: a tribute to Rosie Perez
FELT 2: a tribute to Lisa Bonet
FELT: a tribute to Christina Ricci


New Moon Soundtrack

The CD is a must. To all the Twilighters out there, isn't it amazing? Anticipating tonight even more as the day goes on.

Available on iTunes.

this video is awesome. we love lady gaga's eye for fashion

The Fame Monster available 11.23.09


the day has come

We are all excited for the midnight showing tomorrow night. You can find us at AMC Ontario mills. Hope the movie doesn't disappoint us. Megan has custom designed her very own TEAM EDWARD shirt.


JIMMY CHOO is now at selected H & M 's

Hello Kitty Jewel Bow Tee

Item: Hello Kitty Jewel Bow Tee
Price: 15.80 at forever21.com

What do you think of this Fab Shoulder Sequin Dress from forever21

Item:  Fab Shoulder Sequin Dress
Available at Forever21

Pretty in Pink: Pink bow available at forever21

LOVE LOVE LOVE: Bow Trim Lace Gloves

Item:Fingerless lace gloves each trimmed with a satin bow.
Price: $3.80 at forever21