In partnership with the United Nations World Food Program, Forever 21 has launched a line of Feed 2 bracelets

By purchasing one of these handmade bracelets you'll be sending two school meals to children in one of six countries: 

The blue represents Haiti, a country in which approximately 70% of children under 5 years old suffer from malnutrition.
The yellow represents Sri Lanka, aiding millions of citizens still struggling with the effects of 2004′s devastating tsunami, coupled with a quarter century of civil war.
The gold represents Honduras, which houses the third largest School Feeding Operation in the world.
The silver represents Pakistan to aid victims of the recent flood and earthquake that devastated millions Pakistani children.
The red represents Swaziland, a country with the highest HIV prevalence in the world.
The black represents Kenya, benefiting over one million children within the U.N. World Food Program’s School Feeding Operations in Kenya

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